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Saya tahu, berita gembira ini akan didiamkan sahaja oleh media arus perdana. Walaubagaimanapun, sekalung penghargaan dan tahniah daripada saya dan seluruh rakyat Kelantan buat Tuan Guru Dato' Nik Aziz dengan pencalonan anugerah daripada Gusi Peace Price Foundation yang beribu pejabat di Manila. Anugerah keamanan Gusi ini diadakan setiap tahun dan dikatakan 10 hingga 15 tokoh akan dipilih untuk mendapat anugerah yayasan itu.

Anugerah ini akan disampaikan oleh Ketua Yayasan Gusi, Barry Gusi , Insyaallah pada bulan November ini di Manila, Filipina.Menurutnya, TG Nik Aziz adalah tokoh kedua dari Malaysia yang memenangi anugerah ini.

Sebelum ini, anak Kelantan, Datuk Ismail Mohammad dianugerahkan pada 2006 menggantikan Tun Dr Mahathir yang dikatakan tidak boleh hadir untuk menerima anugerah itu pada tahun tersebut. Ini kerana peraturan yayasan mengatakan bahawa penerima anugerah hendaklah menghadirkan diri dan terima sendiri anugerah yang diberikan.Untuk tahun ini, sebanyak 1,490 orang tokoh dicalonkan di seluruh dunia sebagai penerima anugerah itu. Anugerah ini boleh dikatakan sebagai anugerah Keamanan Nobel versi Asia, menurut Barry Gusi.

Barry Gusi hopes more Malaysians will join in the foundation's effort.

KUALA LUMPUR: Kelantan Menteri Besar Datuk Nik Abdul Aziz Nik Mat has been picked for this year's Gusi Peace Prize for his efforts in politics, social services and religious advocacy.
The Pas spiritual leader would be presented with the award at the Manila-based Gusi Peace Prize Foundation's awards night to be held in the Philippine capital in November, foundation board chairman Barry Gusi told the New Straits Times.

This will be the second time in 10 years that a Malaysian has been nominated for the Filipino award.

Another Kelantan son, Datuk Ismail Mohammad, was presented with the award in 2006 for his philanthropical work, multi-cultural advocacy and preservation efforts for the Muslim culture.

Gusi said former prime minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohammad was initially chosen to receive the award two years ago.
However, because he couldn't make it to Manila for the ceremony, Ismail was given the award instead.

"This is because our rules say that the candidate must be present at the dinner to receive his award."

Also included in its list of recipients for this year are Cyprus Foreign Affairs Minister Markos Kyprianou, Philippines Airlines owner Lucio Tan and football legend Pele of Brazil.

Annually, 10 to 15 people are awarded the prize, which has been described by Gusi as the Asian version of the Nobel Peace Prize.

For this year, the nominees were chosen from a total of 1,490 nominations from all over the world.

"We hope that more Malaysians will be involved in this effort in the future," said Gusi.

The Gusi Peace Prize Foundation was set up by Gusi 10 years ago as a way of continuing his father's legacy in doing humanitarian work.

The Gusi Peace Prize was initiated at the same time, to recognise candidates from all over the world for their efforts in the fields of economics, chemistry, politics, performing arts and religion, among others.

The foundation also carries out humanitarian work in the country's poorest corners.

Gusi said that many people today were lacking in compassion as the world was becoming more materialistic.

"Compassion is important as people live for love, be it in caring or giving."

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